It happens more than we would like to admit, but car owners often overlook the importance of maintaining the OEM paint and overall appearance of their vehicle. We get complacent in the fact that we feel we only need to clean and restore the appearance of a vehicle before selling or returning it for a lease. Even on a lease return sometimes it may be hard to justify why we need to maintain the vehicle when we don’t in fact own it unless you’re going to buy out at the end of the lease, which makes sense to a certain degree.

When push comes to shove it depends on the car owner and how they choose to maintain their vehicle. We are here to give you reasons why maintaining the vehicle beyond all mechanical repairs is important and why we recommend all car owners to do so. Here are some key points and factors why you should always take proper care and “Love Your Ride”.

Longevity And Preservation Of Overall Appearance Of Your Vehicle

It is from our personal experience that when we are buying a new or used vehicle to thoroughly analyze the vehicle to get a better idea of how the previous owners cared for the car. Especially when purchasing a used vehicle, car proof will tell you for the most part every accident that the vehicle has been in which can give you a pretty good idea of what parts were replaced, the extent of damage done and the body panels that have been re-painted.

Unfortunately, what a lot of car buyers may not be aware of is that lot damage does not need to be disclosed in the car proof. With that being said, even when you’re purchasing a new vehicle it may have had parts replaced and panels re-painted. What this all means is that having the correct knowledge and basic understanding of how to protect your vehicle with the proper package, a vehicle can hold its longevity against wear and tear and that beautiful natural showroom shine can last years beyond your belief.

Recommended New Vehicle Protection Packages

There are some questions you need to ask yourself when purchasing a new vehicle and determining what protection package will be needed. Is it a vehicle which you plan to take to the track? Do you do a lot of highway driving? Do you take your vehicle up north to the cottage on weekends? Will you use this vehicle to go off-roading? We highly recommend doing a complete full front end PPF protection package over a partial coverage package.

There are main components on the exterior in which you want to protect with a more durable product due to what its exposed to in the environment while being driven. The entire front end of the vehicle (Hood, Both Fenders, F. Bumper, Side Mirrors, Headlights & A 9” Strip above the windshield on the roof) should be completely wrapped with a durable PPF (Paint Protection Film). Due to the high amounts of UV rays’ cars are exposed to, having partial coverage of PPF will leave you stuck with a difference in color in your paint when you remove the film which is why we recommend covering the full front end. Besides re-painting the whole panel which has been affected from UV rays when removing film there is no certainty you can fix it from a wet sanding or polishing perspective. We also recommend protecting the trunk area in which bags and personal belongings may scratch while going in and out.

Stone chips and other marring of the paint which occur on the front end of the vehicle can be not only an eye sore, but an introduction to more paint issues. When a hard object, small stone or debris causes a chip in the paint you have essentially broke through your clear coat and most times your base coat also. With this being exposed to high pressures of winds from driving, overtime begins to peel back your paint and make the paint imperfection larger.

Most people think a simple blow in or repainting of the bumper is the best fix when it comes time, but it can be costly to get it done correctly compared to an initial investment for paint protection film. For the remainder of the painted surfaces a durable Ceramic Coating will give you the most bang for your buck, but it can be a costly initial investment up front. An alternative option would to apply a polymer-based sealant with a heavily concentrated carnauba wax on top for a dual layered protection. This should be done quarterly (every 3 months) to maintain a solid protection layer over your clear coat to protect from environmental fallout, brake-dust, tree sap, acidic bird droppings, insect acid, road grit, salt traffic film, tar, rust, micro marring, mineral deposits, UV rays’, industrial fallout, acid rain & other atmospheric pollutants.

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