Exterior Detailing

How often should I wash my car?

Daily driving can cause a build up of mud, sand, salt, tar, and other contaminants on your ride. Over time, this eats away at your clear coat causing permanent damage. Washing your vehicle properly at least once a week will protect your paint and keep your ride looking its best!

Why is a hand wash better than an automated touchless wash?

Life gets busy. We can understand when your ride is covered in dirt and you just need a quick wash. Unfortunately, due to the unregulated pressurized jets and highly acidic soaps, even a touchless wash is doing more harm than good. Hand washing ensures that the proper soaps are used with soft mits that will gently remove all contaminants with no harsh chemicals or jets!

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for exterior detailing?

At Washmaster we treat every ride like our own. Using PH balanced soaps, soft plush wash mitts and perfectly pressurized power washers, we can ensure we provide you and your ride with the best products and professionalism.

Interior Detailing

How do I select the right detailing package?

With 5 different detailing packages to choose from, we have a package for everyone’s needs and budget. Our customer service team will always do their best to lead you in the right direction and give you their opinion on which package is best for your ride!

What kind of cleaning products do you use on the interior panels, leather and fabric?

At Washmaster we always strive for a natural, streak-free finish. We use gentle and grease-free cleaners that are safe for all plastics, leather and fabric, ensuring no dirt OR cleaner is left behind.

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for interior detailing?

From our top of the line products, to our highly trained detailers with an acute eye for detail, Washmaster guarantees the best quality of work when it comes to interior detailing. We treat every vehicle with delicacy and care and ensure a flawless finish EVERY time.

Ceramic Coating

With so many ceramic coatings out there, how do I know which is best?

Many Ceramic coatings will promise the world, such as lifetime protection and durability, and it can become frustrating trying to find the right product for your ride. As authorized IGL ceramic coating installers we offer you our greatest asset, experience. We have tried many coatings and techniques to provide the best products and experience for our customers. With extreme durability, hydrophobic properties and unmatched depth and shine, IGL coatings will not disappoint.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings have taken over the automotive industry, and for a good reason. Ceramic coating is a glass like coating that can be applied to the paint, plastics, windows and wheels. It creates a crystal-like shine that protects from UV rays, salt, rust, droppings, dirt and other contaminants. Along with hydrophobic properties that repel dirt making your ride easier to maintain!

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for ceramic coatings?

At Washmaster we never cut corners. We always take the necessary steps to ensure a flawless finish every single time. From the extensive exterior hand wash and detail to the final preparation and inspection before applying the coating, we make sure nothing is missed.

Paint Correction

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction refers to the correction of your paint using a high speed or orbital polishing machine to buff out swirls and scratches from the clear coat. Different pads and compounds are used, and often multiple stages of polishing occur in order for a flawless finish.

Is Paint Correction Bad for my paint?

In order to remove swirls and scratches from the clear coat, a polishing machine is used to slowly buff away a thin surface layer to reveal a scratch free clear coat underneath. A thick wax or ceramic coating is applied afterwards for extra protection. Overtime, excessive polishing can cause the machine to burn right through the clear coat. That is why you should always stick to professionals, so they can properly gauge the thickness of your paint and prevent damages.

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for Paint Correction?

At Washmaster we use only industry leading pads, compounds and polishers. Our highly trained technicians handle every ride with care, using refined techniques to ensure a flawless finish. Our paint gauge ensures we protect your clear coat and prevent any damages.

Waxes and Sealants

How often should I wax my car?

Depending on how often you drive your car, the minimum you should wax your vehicle is twice a year.

What wax and sealant products do you use?

We use high quality, industry leading products made in Germany. Our waxes and sealants offer ultimate long lasting protection and shine.

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for waxes and sealants?

At Washmaster we never cut corners. We always take the necessary steps to ensure a flawless finish every single time. From the extensive exterior hand wash and detail to the final preparation and inspection before applying the wax or sealant, we make sure nothing is missed.

Paint Protection Film

What is a Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is a thin layer of poly-urethane film that is applied to the paint to protect from rock chips and scratches. This self-healing optically clear film lasts up to 10 years and is a great investment to protect your ride!

How do I know which brand of paint protection film is best?

With so many different films on the market it can get overwhelming trying to find the right product for your ride. The way a film performs all comes down to the way it was installed. Choosing the right shop to install the film is most important, and with the right professionals to do the job, they likely have a film that performs well too.

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for paint protection film?

Our experienced and skilled paint protection film installers always ensure the best possible outcome. With an acute eye for detail, and using industry leading films and tools, we strive for perfection every time. We also offer an invisible installation, by tucking the film edge underneath the panels for ultimate protection.

Window Tinting

Which brand of window film do you use?

Washmaster is the only authorized installer in Barrie and the surrounding area for industry leading Autobahn Performance films. Their advanced deep dye technology and wide range of ceramic tint options, makes Autobahn the film of choice for many.

What is Ceramic window tint?

Ceramic window film is the best film you can get on the market today due to its high heat rejection properties. Autobahns Ceramic I3 film has an infrared heat rejection up 93%. On a hot summer day this can cool the interior of your vehicle up to 13 degrees.

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for window tinting?

Our in-house and experienced window tint installers, along with industry leading films, call for flawlessly tinted windows every time. You can wait for your vehicle, in our cozy and transparent facility or drop off your vehicle for same day pickup. Every tint comes with Autobahns lifetime warranty.

Vinyl Wrap and Decals

Will the vinyl wrap damage my paint?

Vinyl wrap should not damage your paint when using trusted films that bond properly with the paint. Vinyl wrap is actually adding a layer of protection from UV rays, droppings and micro scratches. When you are ready to remove your wrap, it should reveal flawless paint underneath, aside from external damages or rock chips.

How long does a vinyl wrap or decal last?

When installed professionally using trusted films and with proper care and maintenance, your vinyl wrap and decals should last you roughly 5-7 years. Film warranties may vary.

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for vinyl wrap and decals?

Our highly skilled vinyl wrap and decal installers have an acute eye for detail and handle every ride with delicacy and care. At Washmaster we always take our time with every job only using industry leading films, ensuring a flawless and long lasting finish every time.

Paintless Dent Repair

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless Dent repair requires special tools that are used to press and massage the damaged panel from behind. As a result, the panel is restored to its original shape.

Why should I get paintless dent repair instead of going to a body shop?

Besides being a much cheaper option, paintless dent repair offers a way to repair damage without affecting your original paint preventing devaluation.

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for paintless dent repair?

Washmaster Auto Spa has one of the best paintless dent repair technicians in the city, offering competitive pricing and unmatched workmanship.

Marine Services

What Products do you use for the interior and exterior?

We use natural, grease-free products free of any harsh chemicals that could potentially damage your watercraft. To remove oxidation, algae and contamination we use specialized marine products to ensure the best possible outcome for your watercraft.

How often should I detail my boat or personal watercraft?

It is very important that you detail your boat or PWC after each season before storing it for the winter. This will ensure that any harsh contaminants do not etch into the paint, chrome, leather and fabrics.

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for marine?

Washmaster Auto Spa uses only industry leading products on your boat or watercraft. Our highly trained technicians are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in marine detailing, ensuring your boat is flawless and protected before you store it away for the winter.

Motorcycles & RV

What products do you use on my ride?

We only use natural grease-free products free of any harsh chemicals that could potentially damage your ride. We always strive for a flawless streak free finish that protects and enhances your paint, fabrics, leather and chrome accents.

How do you clean in hard to reach places?

At Washmaster if there’s a will there’s a way. We use soft bristle brushes that are washed after every use to clean in every nook and cranny. For large RVS, we use specialized long soft brushes and ladders to reach hard to reach places. Our extensive eye for detail and industry leading tools ensures we never miss a spot.

Why Washmaster Auto Spa for motorcycles and RV?

With years of experience, professionalism and industry leading tools and techniques, you can always trust Washmaster to take care of you and your ride!

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